It's Christmas Day 2Day

by Kevin Shea

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"We like to do stuff ourselves. On this occasion, concept yielded to methodology. Everything is a learning process. Each little project leads to new questions. The goal is to have the perseverance to find the answers to those questions, no matter how time consuming. Its easy to get frustrated with not knowing how to do something technically in software like Final Cut Pro X. Stay with it. Every result on the planet has always been less fascinating to me than the process of creation. Results are a let down … art based on results is a fat farce. Don’t bother wasting your time worshipping something based solely on the end product…unless you are interested in destroying compassionate diversity.

The only personal objects I occasionally decorate are my drum cases which are littered on the exterior with random stickers. I feel a little uncomfortable having stickers on my cases, much like how I am hesitant to get a tattoo. To me, tattoos are inherently conspicuous, and I would have trouble standing behind the art embedded into my skin. It would be a challenge for me to stand behind anything for a long period of time — my opinions are malleable, as the foundation for all my opinions is a process, an organism which adapts to sustain. I feel uncomfortable about the stickers on my drums like how I feel uncomfortable about listening to a Steve Lehman album. Its such a literal and clear thought, everyone in the band unites to create this warped little message…that’s the challenge I run into with transcribability too. If music is transcribable, it makes me feel as though every drum fill and snare hit has been recalculated to fit musically within the context…its too succinct. Its too gregarious. If I play the music as you wrote it, I end up feeling kind of cheap…like I am your little b***h. Money complicates the issue…if musicians get paid to execute someone else’s little vision, should their moral character be called into question? If I am paid $5000 to play on a record and learn all the parts for someone else’s music, have I forgotten the essence of what music means to me? I’m not interested in being so obedient as to create a group vision…this is like a gang mentality. Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in college anymore.

TBT, Each man walks away with his own understanding of this totem. For me, in part the meaning stems from a kick in the nuts to some of the curmudgeonly, naysaying, self-important musical ponces out there lurking in the prideful shadows of narcissistic vanity. It used to amaze me when someone who I considered to be a friend would say something completely asinine about me and then blow it off like it was nothing. I’m unapologetically opposed to those kinds of two-faced, back-stabbing people. The world is too small for such petty little self-aggrandizing fodder. Rather than get upset with me for how I play the drums, why don’t you think about your self…lose some weight and add some health and compassion to the crumbling planet, you little crabby slug. I’d rather spend the rest of my life not trying to please anyone, not even myself…its a process of learning…and if you don’t take any chances, you are simply not going to learn about inter-disciplinarian diversity. Critical people are always trying to boost their own self-esteem. Its just as bad as putting a huge day-glo camouflage sticker on your drum case. In addition, this is also a riff on some now ex, or soon to be ex, collaborators who have gotten so uptight in their artistic vision its as if they are newly recruited by the Scientologist culturally dull. It's like someone took a torn garbage bag filled with a soaked rug out of a trash bin sitting in a thunderstorm…I take that heavy bag out of the trash and I just want to throw it on the curb and get the hell out of there…can not wait to wash my hands.

Brooklyn is as steadfast and sturdy as a piece of toast in the snow…some $5000 purebred comes around and munches up that toast…where does that end up? On the streets again, and I’ve been seeing a lot of doo-doo these days. I think if you spent $5000 maybe you figure the oceans are completely up for grabs. But maybe not. Maybe you pick up that doo-doo like your are supposed to, and many people without even knowing you or what you have done will be happier because of it. No, you won’t get an award, but you will alleviate some stress. Brooklyn is supposedly all about people not caring about others — but you know, so is nearly everywhere else, it seems. You know why? Because the planet is filled to the brim with human beings. I hope we can all get along just as much as the next d-bag moron-faced wanker…but somehow I just don’t think that’s gonna be possible until A LOT more people clean up after their dogs.

In some ways I wanted to experiment with drum programming just to make people’s panties get all up in a bind. That way, when their panties get out from the bind, the world will be a much better place. If all you do is feed the populous palatable, dogmatic visions of artistic methodology/expression, then panties will forever continue to get in a bind. Art doesn’t have to be completely appropriated by the so-called, more like self-appointed, rule setters. You want a consistent concept and vision thoroughly thought out and planned from start to finish, with all your little metric modulation shifts and pentatonics… gag me with a spoon. You and I both know the only thing that’s going to give your album any real artistic merit is a 45 minute amateur timpani solo. How pretentious it is to complete your “work” to a T and be lauded for perpetuating what is essentially purity in form that’s no different than any other pop piece of shit. Your methodology is a complete and utter joke. I am actually embarrassed to have bought more than 5 of your records. After hearing your record, I feel like I just watched a 65-minute infomercial for a buncha crap I’ll never need. I could have made that album in 30 seconds…and you know what? I have.

The good news is that Talibam! has been working on our next rap album to be produced in part by Tim Dahl. This album will be unlike any rap album that exists, and I honestly don’t even know what rap is."

- Kevin Shea


released August 24, 2015

effects/mastering/midi/mixing/parametering/picnics/programming/producing/recording/reminiscing/synths/writing: Kevin Shea



all rights reserved


Kevin Shea New York, New York

Hosted by drummer Kevin Shea, this collection presents sounds from his boutique Arktelogy imprint.

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Track Name: Side A
It's Christmas...I'm obliged to laugh and play
It's Christmas...there goes Santa on his Sleigh
After runnin' around like a sad old clown I'm dyin' to hear you say
Merry Christmas to all today
Track Name: Side B
It's Christmas...I'm obliged to laugh and play
It's Christmas...there goes Santa on his Sleigh
After runnin' around like a sad old clown I'm dyin' to hear you say
Merry Christmas to all today